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10 Ways Stress Can Affect Physical Health

For some time now it’s been known that stress can have a detrimental impact on the human body. Unfortunately, most people regularly suffer from stress. And according to a study by the American Psychological Association, roughly seven in ten Americans regularly deal with significant stress and its physical effects.

Stress and anxiety can be seen in many different parts of the body. Being able to identify how stress is affecting your physical health can help you identify the problem and make necessary changes…

1. Headaches

For many people, times of stress mean frequent headaches. Experts find that stress often leads to tension headaches, which are caused when muscles in the upper back and neck tense up. The end result can be contracting scalp muscles and painful headaches.

Consistent anxiety can also lead to painful migraine headaches, which are tough to get rid of and can last for hours, even days. To reduce tension headaches, doctors encourage patients to be more active or engage in relaxing activities, such as getting a massage or taking a warm bath.


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