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Most Common Seizure Triggers

In the wake of a seizure, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the cause. After all, seizures are rather unpredictable and can be triggered by multiple uncontrollable factors. However, if you can nail down a common factor, you may be able to avoid it and control the quantity and severity of your seizures.

Here are 14 common seizure triggers…

1. Missed Medication

Whether it’s intentionally or unintentionally, missing or changing a medication can be a serious seizure trigger. This includes adding a new prescription drug or ceasing to take a supplement, both can trigger seizures and should be done under the strict and gradual guidance of a doctor. People who are epileptic often take medication to help avoid seizures, so when they miss their daily dosage it can provoke not only more frequent seizures, but seizures that are more intense, says Epilepsy Foundation

In addition to missing medication, some medications like antidepressants (bupropion a.k.a Wellbutrin and Zyban) have been found to cause or increase risk of seizures, as well as antibiotics like penicillins, quinolones, and pain medications like tramadol (sold under the brand name Ultram).

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