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6 Common Seizure Triggers for National Epilepsy Awareness Month

Seizures can be a very alarming health event, but for those with epilepsy, it can be a daily reality. While there are treatments and medications to help reduce the risk of a seizure in epileptic patients, there are certain triggers they should avoid as well.

Some of the triggers are things that people without the disorder wouldn’t think twice about, but are easily avoidable if the risks are known ahead of time. For National Epilepsy Awareness Month, here are six things to avoid if you have epilepsy or someone you know has it…

1. Visual Overstimulation

In this case we’re talking specifically about flashing or flickering lights. Epilepsy Action notes that 3 in 100-people with the disorder are susceptible to seizures caused by bright lights or light patterns (this is known as photosensitive epilepsy).

The source also notes that artificial sources of light (such as a television) that can cause a seizure, and that natural light patterns can be a risk as well. There isn’t much warning time between the light trigger and a seizure, adds the source.


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