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Early Signs of Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Cancer can present itself with many symptoms, and having one of the symptoms we’re about to list doesn’t mean it’s cancer – only a doctor can confirm that. However, there are particular signs unique to women that shouldn’t be ignored, as early treatment could make the difference.

Reader’s Digest says many of the upcoming symptoms are usually attributed to other health problems and it’s “easy to brush them aside,” but knowing your baseline health and what seems unusual is key. Here are 14 possible symptoms of cancer that women shouldn’t ignore…

1. Changes to the Breasts

Reader’s Digest notes that when it comes to self-scanning for breast cancer, the focus is usually on finding a lump. However, there are other oddities that may occur in the breasts that can give you a clue there’s a problem.

For example, dimpled skin on the breast, an inverting nipple, as well as swelling and tenderness could be a red flag, notes the source. You may even notice “slight discoloration of the skin to a deeper red or pink,” which could also indicate trouble, it adds.

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