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Lymphoma Symptoms: Important Warning Signs of Lymphoma

Doctors say that the warning signs of lymphoma are often very subtle—so subtle that the most common symptoms are made up of health ailments that could very well be shrugged off as minor. That’s why experiencing one or 2 may not even spur a doctor’s visit.

However, if you experience multiple symptoms, it’s not time to panic, but it may be time to book a check up with your doctor. Here are the 13 warning symptoms associated with lymphoma…

1. Swelling

Swelling symptoms can occur in lymphoma patients, depending on the bodily systems affected by the cancerous growth. For example, if a large lymphoma growth is blocking the vessels which carry blood to your body’s upper reaches, you may experience swelling of the face, chest, or neck. This swelling can be severe, depending on the extent of the blood flow inhibitions. It can also be painful, prompting patients to make a visit to their local emergency room.

Lymphoma also commonly affects the stomach and intestines, so similar swelling may occur if blood vessels in those parts of the body are blocked by malignant growths. This type of swelling can affect the stomach, intestines, bowels and/or abdomen, and it may cause a feeling of built-up pressure or pain. Patients may also experience abnormalities in their bowel movements and digestion, including diarrhea and loss of appetite.

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