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Signs and Symptoms of a Calcium Deficiency

We all know about the importance of calcium for strong bones and teeth, but the nutrient is also vital for the proper functioning of your heart and muscles. Unfortunately, a calcium deficiency is quite common. In fact, University Health News says, “…most Americans don’t meet the current recommendations for adequate calcium intake…”

If you don’t get a sufficient amount of it—whether through dietary sources or supplements—you may be at greater risk of developing conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia, along with some or all of the following 12 symptoms.

1. Numbness and Tingling

Early on, when a calcium deficiency is mild, a warning sign to look out for is numbness or tingling that occurs on the face (particularly around the mouth), hands, or feet.

Livestrong.com explains that this happens because “When deficient in calcium, muscles and nerves become abnormally excitable — known as neuromuscular irritability.” Although this symptom presents itself early on, it is considered to be serious, so if you experience numbness and tingling be sure to report it to your physician.

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