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Signs & Symptoms of an Irregular Heartbeat

Do you feel dizzy or tightness in your chest frequently? You may have heart arrhythmia, or in other words, an irregular heartbeat. There’s nothing to panic about if you’ve felt the following eight symptoms only on an occasional basis.

The fast fluttering of the heart is experienced by many and may develop with age.  However, if the following symptoms persist, you may have a dangerous arrhythmia that signals heart disease, and requires treatment and medical supervision. Here are the 8 signs of an arrhythmia…

1. Heart Palpitations

One obvious sign of an arrhythmia is heart palpitations, which cause a single premature heartbeat or “skipped beat”. Infrequent heart palpitations are not concerning, however, if they gradually increase, it may be time to consult a medical professional.

To give you a comparison, a normal, healthy heart pumps blood constantly through the circulatory system like a muscular pump, pumping (or expanding and contracting) an average of 100,000 times per day for a total of roughly 2,000 gallons of blood. However, a heart with an arrhythmia (meaning a heart that goes against this normal extracting and contracting sequence) disturbs the effective pumping of blood. For instance, it can cause the heart to too slow, too fast, or erratically all other organs (i.e., brain, kidneys, lungs, etc.) are effected and may become damaged.

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