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Best Foods for Healthy Joints

Our joints are essentially pockets filled with a liquid known as synovial fluid, which “cushions and nourishes your cartilage,” says Runner’s World, allowing the bones to move over and around one another.

As a result of factors like age, genetics, and diet, cartilage can break down and synovial fluid can become clogged, causing inflammation and joint pain. Fortunately, you can help to slow down the effects of these factors by including more of these 14 joint healthy foods into your diet.

1. Cherries

While cherries are delicious, it’s not the fruits themselves that are beneficial for joint health. Cherries get their deep red color from anthocyanins, natural plant chemicals that have been shown to reduce inflammation.

As an alternative option to eating the fruit, you can drink cherry juice. Referencing a 2012 study done by the Oregon Health & Science University, Health.com indicates that “Drinking two cups of tart cherry juice daily reduced inflammation in the body, helping ease OA [osteoarthritis] symptoms.”

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