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Absorb These 14 Health Benefits of Vitamin C

You’ve been told many times by parents and doctors to get your Vitamin C… but why, exactly? Turns out it’s for more than fighting off colds, although that is reportedly 1-of the benefits.

When you consume Vitamin C from natural sources such as oranges, or take it with meals as a supplement, you’re giving your body a boost in many other ways. Let’s take a look at 14 health reasons to get your C…

1. An Iron-Clad Benefit

AuthorityDiet.com explains that taking Vitamin C can actually help you absorb iron better, which “plays a key role in forming hemoglobin, and also supports muscle and brain function.” It also helps you avoid anemia and feeling fatigued, it adds.

It cites a study that shows 280-mg of Vitamin C taken at breakfast will nearby double the amount of iron that your body absorbs on a daily basis.

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