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Early Warning Signs of Osteopenia

You’ve likely heard of osteoporosis, but have you heard of osteopenia, a condition that begins the thinning and weakening the bones and is considered the precursor to fully-developed osteoporosis?

With more than half of all adults over 50-years-old (particularly women) stricken with osteoporosis, perhaps we should be on the lookout for these eight early warning signs and precursors of osteopenia…

1.  Bone Loss is Genetic

If your mother or grandmother suffer from osteoporosis (we all know someone who does), you can also start to see the signs of osteopenia between the ages of 30 and 40, when bone loss gradually starts. If you eat well (a diet high in calcium) and do regular bone-strengthening exercise (that’s high impact), however, you may be able to prevent bone loss.

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