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Important Facts About Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease is often associated with men, but it’s actually the leading killer of women in the United States. In 2013, nearly 300,000 women died as a result of heart disease, representing roughly one-quarter of all deaths involving women.

In fact, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show that approximately the same amount of women as men die as a result of heart disease each year in the United States. Unfortunately, not all Americans identify the threat heart disease poses to women. In fact, a recent study showed that only about half of women knew that this illness was their gender’s number one killer. So, what do women need to know about heart disease in order to say safe?

1. Heart Disease Affects Women of all Races

The United States is a highly multicultural society and heart disease, generally speaking, plays no favorites when it comes to affecting different racial groups. It’s currently the leading cause of death among African American and Caucasian women living in the country.

It’s also a potent threat to Hispanic women, who are equally threatened by cancer and heart disease. As for indigenous and Asian or Pacific Islander women, only cancer takes more lives each year than heart disease.


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