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Strange Indicators of Heart Disease in Your Future

The Centers for Disease Control considers cardiovascular disease the “leading killer of Americans.” That’s a pretty serious and scary description, especially consider that there’s often little indication of a health issue leading up to a heart attack.

On top of the most common indicators of heart trouble—high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, weight, age (60+ years), and underlying health conditions like diabetes—several other, lesser known, factors can forecast heart issues in your future…

1. Dizziness Upon Standing

You may not be familiar with the term Orthostatic Hypotension. However this overwhelming light-headedness, which can span a few minutes, strikes certain individuals when they rise a little too quickly from a seated or prone position.

According to data from the University of North Carolina, this type of blood flow issue can predict cardiovascular failure in the future. In fact, the university research concludes that orthostatic hypotension can increase the risk of heart failure event in later life by up to 54-percent.

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