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What Bad Breath Says About Your Health

No one likes to hear it, but we’ve all had bad breath. It might strike first thing in the morning or after a particularly garlicky meal. Regardless, sometimes no amount of mouthwash or breath mints will banish a nasty case of halitosis.

However, if bad breath becomes chronic, it might become more than an embarrassing problem or even tooth decay. Lingering halitosis may indicate an underlying health issue that you aren’t even aware of.

So let’s forget about the awkward social mortification for a moment and discuss the many health conditions that persistent bad breath might indicate.

Here are the ten most common medical conditions that cause bad breath…

1. Respiratory Tract Infections

You may catch a nasty flu bug, which develops into bronchitis or sinusitis if left untreated. These respiratory tract infections all end up causing bad breath if the sinus, lung, and throat tissues become inflamed and blocked, allowing odorous bacteria and mucus to accumulate.

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