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Cancer Screening Tests Every Woman Should Get

Cancer doesn’t pick favorites, but there are certain types that are particular to men or women to look out for. There are certain recommended ages for screening for different types of cancer in women, which a doctor can advise you about.

It’s important to follow screening schedules, because as EveryDayHealth.com points out, lifetime risk of all cancers combined is 1 in 3-for women. “Cancer ranks as the second most frequent cause of death for U.S. women, after heart disease,” it adds. Here are 12 cancer screening tests every woman should consider…

1. Home Breast Cancer Exam

Along with booking a mammogram, which looks deep into breast tissue to find potential problems, you can also do some self-diagnostics for this form of cancer that overwhelmingly strikes women.

BreastCancer.org lays out a 5-step method for checking your breasts for signs of cancer. Start by facing a mirror and determining breasts are of their usual size and color; do the same with arms raised; look for signs of fluid discharge from the nipple; feel your breasts while lying down; and then the same while standing or sitting.

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