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Everything to Know About Cervical Cancer for Awareness Month

According to MedicalDaily.com, 30 years ago cervical cancer was among the leading cancer killers among women. But if there’s good news to be had, it’s that the death rate from cervical cancer has dropped more than 50-percent since, and is now considered “one of the most preventable types of cancer,” notes the source.

Like other health issues, knowledge is the key to dealing with it (along with a knowledgeable medical team). Medical Daily notes there are guidelines for cervical cancer screening, but they’re constantly being updated as new information comes to light. January is the perfect time to discuss six points about this type of cancer, as it’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

1. There’s a Main Cause

Not all cancers have causes that can be traced so definitively, but in the case of cervical cancer, human papillomavirus (HPV) is usually the culprit, notes WebMD. The source stresses there are many forms of HPV virus, and not all of them can lead to cancer.

HPV is spread through intimate contact, it adds. It some cases, there may be genital warts, and in some cases no symptoms at all. In fact, “Most adults have been infected with HPV at some time,” explains the site. This is why it’s important to follow regular screening schedules to catch any signs early – there’s a pap test to detect any cell mutations, and an HPV test that looks for the virus as a root cause of cell changes.

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