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Read Up: 6 Fantastic Health Benefits for Book Worms

I hear you; it’s tough to pick up a book after a long day. Many of us (myself included) would rather zone out to a sitcom marathon on Netflix and forget about our troubles. However, science pinpoints some pretty amazing benefits for those who choose to pick up a book instead.

From retaining memory to easing stress and chronic pain, here’s why you should get lost in a book…

1. Readers Live Happier Lives

Sure, we often emulate the heroes we read about in books. However, a study conducted by the Centre for Reading, Literature, and Society at the University of Liverpool, finds that reading makes us happier in real life as well.

The research was gathered in an online poll consisting of 4,164 equal groups of reading and non-reading adults. Overall, the data showed that participants who read a book for just 30-minutes per week reported greater overall life happiness, satisfaction, and social connectedness.

Reading at Night

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