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6 Creative Alternatives to Reading to Children at Bedtime

Reading and literacy are important – which is why reading books has long been a popular choice to end the day before your kid (hopefully) drifts off to dreamland. However, after a long and trying day at work, sometimes reading book after book can be especially tiring.

Not only that, it’s nice to switch things up once in a while to keep the bedtime routine something to look forward to (for your child as well as you). So, let’s take a closer look at six other things you can do with your child at bedtime other than flip through the same old books to get them off to sleep…

1. Let Them Draw

Babble.com offers some tips about getting junior tired in a fun and creative way at bed (as an alternative to sitting them in front of a television). It suggests bringing a bit more color into the picture – literally.

“Coloring is a soothing activity for many kids, and a great way for them to unwind,” notes the site. It suggests having them illustrate their favorite part of the day, and if that doesn’t do the trick, have them draw what they’re looking forward to tomorrow.

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