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Pancreatic Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatment

Cancer of the pancreas is one of the more deadly forms of the disease – the American Cancer Society estimates that in 2018, about 55,440-people will be diagnosed in the U.S., and of that number, 44,300 aren’t expected to survive.

However, pancreatic cancer only accounts for about 3-percent of all cancers in the country, adds the source. Like all cancers, finding it as early as possible is always the best scenario to start treating it, so here are 12 things to know about the disease to recognize the signs…

1. Defining Pancreatic Cancer

Not surprisingly, pancreatic cancer begins in the tissues of your pancreas, which is responsible for enzymes that help break down foods and manage blood sugar levels.

The Mayo Clinic says pancreatic cancer is a form that spreads rather quickly to nearby organs, and is seldom detected in its earliest stages, which is why the clinic suggests getting screened if you have a family history of the disease or pancreatic cysts.

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