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The Most Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia and is also a progressive and fatal brain disease, which will rob a patient of cognitive skills and eventually bodily functions. Often the patient doesn’t succumb to the disease itself, but from complications arising from it.

Recognizing the disease early can help a patient and family prepare to deal with it, but keep in mind there is no cure (although there are treatments that can possibly slow progression or improve quality of life). Here are 12 early warning signs that Alzheimer’s is creeping into your life or that of a loved one…

1. Forgetting Recent Information

Alzheimer’s may present itself early from missed doctor’s appointments, or forgetting to get together with a friend you made a coffee date with a couple of days prior. Memory loss (a cognitive function) is the biggest marker of Alzheimer’s, and it will progressively get worse.

The Alzheimer’s Association in the U.S. explains that many patients rely on notes or electronic devices early on to remember important dates, or they may ask you for the same information repeatedly. The association said some older people without Alzheimer’s sometimes forget details like names and appointment times, but it comes back to them.

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