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8 Things You Need to Know About Cataracts

The emergence of age-related health conditions is one of the unfortunate parts of growing older. The list of health issues related to age range from diabetes to dementia and cardiovascular problems. But the process of aging can also affect our vision in the form of cataracts.

Many people experience cataracts in their golden years. Thankfully, there are now many ways to identify and treat this often aggravating condition. The key is to know what having cataracts involves and taking the right steps toward resolving the issue…

1. What’s a Cataract?

Put simply, a cataract appears like a clouding of the vision. Normally, a person’s vision would be clear. However, as we age, proteins in the eye can begin to deteriorate, causing our eyesight to worsen and become blurry. In essence, it’s like going from high-definition video to standard definition video.

In most cases cataracts develop slowly over many years, which means many people may not even realize they’re affected by the condition. In many cases the condition appears in a person’s later years: age 60 to 80.


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