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Normal Aging vs. Alzheimer’s: Biggest Key Differences

We may joke a bit about having a “senior’s moment” – otherwise, a lapse in memory or judgment based on advanced age. However, there’s nothing funny about Alzheimer’s disease (a form a dementia), as it is fatal and not the same as regular cognitive decline due to age.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada notes that about 40-percent of people aged 65-and over will experience “some form of memory loss” without an underlying health cause, but there are noticeable differences from any form of dementia. Here are six characteristics that divide “age-associated memory impairment” from Alzheimer’s…

1. Losing Ability to Perform Routine Tasks

The Alzheimer’s Association based in Chicago said that while age might give you pause when operating a familiar piece of equipment like a microwave, or trouble remembering how to program your television to record a show, that’s not the same as Alzheimer’s.

The source explains that Alzheimer’s can make it tough to perform daily tasks, and it can go further – the patient may forget how to drive to a location they go to regularly, or they might have trouble managing their budget.

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