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Fascinating Facts About the Liver

After the heart and brain, there may be no more important organ in the body than the liver. While it won’t pump blood through your body or help you ace that math test, it will take care of all the questionable substances you put in your body, like alcoholic beverages. In many ways, then, the liver is our body’s very own purification system.

Most people understand that the liver performs this important function. But you may not be aware of its many other responsibilities, all of which help highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy liver and avoiding excessive consumption of food and drink that can prevent the liver from functioning as it should. Now, let’s take a look at some of the things the liver does every day to keep us going.

1. It Cleans Your Blood

The primary function of the liver, which is the body’s largest internal organ, is to clean the blood that passes through it. In coordination with the pancreas and gallbladder, which are attached to the liver, the liver focus on breaking down the food and drink you consume, helping the body absorb whatever nutrients can be found within.

For the liver, the most important part of breaking down the stuff we consume involves detoxifying any chemicals, like alcohol, that could cause problems if spread to other parts of the body. That means filtering the blood arriving from the digestive tract before it’s spread to your extremities and the heart and brain. The liver also plays a role in metabolizing the drugs you take to help with a wide range of medical issues.

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