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Common Medical Causes of Night Sweats

Night sweats are a very common occurrence. Sweating during sleep refers to any type of excess sweating that makes you rise clammy and covered in perspiration. However, in many cases night sweats aren’t attributed to wearing too many blankets or the balmy temperature in your bedroom.

Here are ten common medical causes of night sweats…

1. Menopause

If you’re female, and at a certain ripe age, your night sweating may be contributed to menopause or premenopause. Night sweats are the nocturnal counterpart to hot flashes, and are common during the menopausal transition as hormone levels change. When you experience night sweats because of menopause, you may wake up feeling cold and your sheets could be soaked from your sweat. In addition to this unfortunate scenario, your heart may also be pounding. To help cope with these symptoms, set your temperature lower at night, use low thread count sheets (the higher the thread, the less they breathe), and try some deep breathing exercises before bed and when you wake up from the sweats.

Waking up in the middle of the night is bad enough without the cold sweats, and it can be difficult to get back to sleep because of it. While menopausal or premenopausal women can experience this, men, younger women and children can also get night sweats due to hormonal imbalance if they suffer from pheochromocytoma, an adrenal gland disorder.

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