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Medical Causes of Night Sweats in Men and Women

Have you ever awoken from a deep slumber, only to find that you’re soaked in sweat? Whether your pillow is sopping wet or your sheets are drenched, sometimes there’s no discernable reason (even when the room is relatively cool and you’re not layered in blankets).

These can be bouts of night sweats with no medical explanation that are more commonly referred to in the medical community as Idiopathic hyperhidrosis. However, there may also be some underlying medical causes behind this nocturnal hyperhidrosis. Let’s take a closer look at 13 of them…

1. Menopause

This is a stage in a women’s life when hormonal changes are taking place – namely, a large drop in estrogen. While menopause can cause women to experience “hot flashes” during the day, the same thing can occur while you’re asleep – so you awake damp without knowing a cause, according to WebMD.

More medical professionals are acknowledging what’s being referred to as “male menopause,” which can be temporary (irritable male syndrome) or a permanent drop in testosterone producing symptoms that include feeling too hot and triggering the body to sweat.

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