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Improve Your Abs in 7 Easy Steps

Tighter abs are kind of like the holy grail when it comes to fitness goals—we all know they exist, but few people actually attain washboard abs aside from those gracing the covers of fitness magazines and playing the hero in Hollywood movies.

Luckily, your mission to improve and define your abdominals can be realized by incorporating the following seven ab-blasting tips into your daily activities…

1. Add Some Resistance

Studies from the University of South Florida, which were also published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, discovered that if you’re only twisting, crunching, and rotating your abdominals in hope of 6-pack definition—you may be wasting your time.

Findings show that the use of free-weights during exercises will help uncover, flatten, and tighten those abs a lot faster. The same study shows that a variety of free-weight exercises (i.e., windmills, squat pulls, arm climbs, and sit ups with free weights or an exercise ball) will do best to activate the core muscles and define those abdominals.

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