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12 Core Reasons to Strengthen Your Core Muscles

You often hear a lot about people training to strengthen their core, but what does this actually mean? Working the core is about more than just getting rock-hard abs.

The core muscles also include the transverse and rectus abdominis, which Livestrong.com says are the muscles that run from below your sternum to your waist. Some of the back muscles are also considered part of the core family. Now let’s take a look at 12 reasons why you should focus on them…

1. Defending Against Injury

Best Health (Reader’s Digest) notes there are more than superficial reasons to tone up your middle muscles. Building up the muscles below the surface near the spine, which will add to your core stability, can actually reduce the risk of injury, it explains.

This is because most movement “starts at the centre and moves outward,” and having a strong center means you’ll be able to roll with your routine easier without pain, it adds. The source suggests drawing in your ab muscles, holding for five breaths, and then relaxing for 10-reps to build core stability. Do this 10-times a day.

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