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Tips for A Better Walking Workout

If you’re overweight or at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, your doctor has likely recommended taking daily walks. Beginner exercise—even gentler forms, like walking—provides an efficient means of getting your blood sugar in check and reducing the risk of heart disease. According to a study from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., walking for just 15-minutes after every meal improves glucose absorption—resulting in weight loss (or calories burned), and improved heart and muscle function.

So what are you waiting for? Walk this way for a better walking workout…

1. Walk Proud

According to research from the Mayo Clinic, you can walk your way to better health quite efficiently—as long as you do it with proper posture and purposeful movements. For instance, as you stride concentrate on keeping your spine straight. That means your ears and shoulders should sit directly above your hips, your head should not jut too far forward or back, but sit right above the neck.

Also, engage the core muscles by slightly squeezing your abdominal muscles. This will help keep your posture naturally aligned so that your lower back doesn’t arch too far forward or backward and cause an injury. Good walking posture will also energize your body by making exercise much easier and less problematic.

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