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10 Innovative Fitness Trackers to Get You Moving

Motivation to live a healthy, active lifestyle comes in many forms—from the success of a new and delicious healthy recipe to going down that first pant size. But at times, everyone experiences the loss of their fitness inspiration. Work, stress, not hitting your weekly weight loss goal, or quite simply, life, can get in the way and knock you off your fitness regime.

You can overcome and avoid these bumps in the road more easily now. Luckily, there are tons of fitness trackers, gadgets, and online programs that will keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals while focusing on results. Here are 10 innovative fitness trackers to get you moving…

1. UP24 by Jawbone

UP24 is a combination sleep, fitness, and food tracker that takes a more holistic approach to healthy living and how to track it. It provides real-time feedback, nudges and notifications–a combination that gives you the push you need to be healthy and stay active. The app lets you enter your meals and mood, and tracks your stats. You can also connect with friends, who use the app, giving you added motivation to stick to your fitness goals. Peers are just as influential in fitness as they are in other areas of your life.

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