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10 of the Worst (and Dangerous) Cardio Crimes!

Like many of you, I love getting my sweat on with a killer cardio session. Nothing quite makes me feel as satisfied with yourself—like you’ve really put in an honest effort and accomplished something great for your body and mind!

However, as a personal trainer and a gym rat, I’ve seen my share of horrendous and potentially dangerous cardio moves. So the next time you’re in a spin class or on the treadmill, ask yourself: Am I guilty of any of these cardio crimes?

1. Not Eating Before a Workout

Registered dieticians at the American College of Sports Medicine claim that endurance athletes should never workout without fuelling up first and foremost. Eating before a workout is like fuelling up a car before a long journey, it guarantees that the body starts with a full tank of glycogen, so even for a 90 minutes hot yoga session, fuelling up will ensure our bodies have enough energy during a workout as it burns glycogen (energy stores in the muscle cells).

Even if you just plan a short 30-minute run, starting out with zero fuel could zap glycogen stores quickly and leave you light-headed, weak, and quickly fatigued. However, base your fuel on your workout needs. For instance, hydrating and eating a small piece of fruit should do it prior to a 30 minute elliptical session.

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