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10 Moves to Firm That Fanny!!!

The gluteus maximus, or the “glutes” as they are sometimes known, refer to your fanny, your buttocks, your behind, or your delicious derriere. Whatever you choose to call yours, the butt is actually made up of one of the largest and strongest muscles in your entire body. That’s why if you plan to hit the beach with a perkier posterior this summer; you need to give your glutes a regular workout with some truly targeted moves.

Here are ten exercises that will help you firm up that fanny…

1. Take the stairs

This one is a no-brainer. If you want a taunt tush; you need to get off of yours and start taking the stairs. Taking the stairs daily—instead of relying on the elevator or escalator at work, at your apartment building, or at the mall—will not only help tone the muscles in your bottom; it will help shape the calves and thighs as well.

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