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Fibromyalgia Diet: 4 Foods to Eat and 8 to Avoid

Pain, fatigue, and tenderness are all common symptoms of fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that affects approximately 5 million people in the United States alone—most of whom are women.

It’s not yet known what causes fibromyalgia, which makes treatment all the more challenging. Fortunately, some dietary changes may help to improve symptoms. Although there isn’t a specific plan that works for everyone, there are some foods that have been found to trigger pain, and others that seem to help reduce it—including the following 12.

Foods to Eat:

1. Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a common deficiency among adults, including those with fibromyalgia. But getting enough of the nutrient is especially important for people with this disease, as it has been found to help reduce pain.

Vitamin D can be found naturally in some breeds of fish, particularly those that live in cold water environments, such as swordfish, tuna, and sockeye salmon. The nutrient is also in eggs, as well as fortified foods like milk and orange juice. These foods aren’t the only way to up your vitamin D intake, though. Sun exposure is also an excellent source, although it’s important to be mindful about protecting your skin against harmful rays.

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