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Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

Pineapple: a fruit so flavorful, for centuries it’s been the centerpiece of a variety of popular foods. We love eating it in a fruit salad, on pizza, on a glazed honey ham, or all on its own. Like mango, watermelon, and the royal gala apple, its popularity can be traced to its sweetness and the gush of refreshing moisture that accompanies each bite.

But what, exactly, are the health benefits of making pineapple a significant part of your regular diet? Are there factors that set this particular fruit apart from other healthy food choices? Let’s take a look.

1. Low in Calories and Fat

When we get a craving for something sweet, our first impulse may be to reach for a processed food, like a candy bar or jug of ice cream. And while those choices certainly are delicious, they’re not exactly healthy. A better choice is a sweeter fruit, like pineapple, which provides well under a hundred calories and two grams of fat in a single 6-ounce serving.

For the record, that’s far less than your average candy bar or ice cream sundae. Additionally, because pineapple contains so much water, it’s more likely to provide you with a feeling of fullness, potentially curbing further food consumption and giving you a slight though not dismissible step up in your battle against the bulge.

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