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7 Factors that Can Affect Fertility in Men and Women

Conceiving a child may seem like a pretty straightforward process to many, but for many hopeful parents in the U.S., it is a big challenge. Fertility rates worldwide (number of children per mother) are dropping (this can be attributed to many factors, including lifestyle choices), but the fact remains it’s not an easy task to get pregnant in many cases.

Infertility can affect women and men, and it may be a doctor that traces the source of the trouble in conceiving. While there are genetic and age factors at play, researchers have also traced the problem to these seven factors that can be avoided in some cases…

1. Extra Weight

Health.com notes obesity in women can cause difficulty in conceiving. According to the source, being overweight can affect hormone production and decrease ovarian function, and the trouble often increases as the weight increases (relative to a woman’s healthy weight).

The source cites a 2009 study that shows women who are highly overweight at an early age (18) are more likely to develop polycystic ovary syndrome (enlarged ovaries containing excess fluid) and experience infertility. This syndrome is the “most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age”, notes the source.


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