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12 Benefits of Barley Water to Drink Up

When you hear the words barley water, some people may make a connection to beer. But the main difference is that barley water hasn’t gone through a fermentation process, so there’s no alcohol content. It has been consumed by many cultures for centuries.

According to Healthline.com, barley water can be strained or unstrained, and the unstrained version is high in calories, but low in fat. The strained version has fewer calories but also less fiber content, so it’s a trade-off. Either way, let’s get to the 12 benefits of drinking barley water…

1. Internal Cleansing

Without getting into the some of the false promises of popular “cleanses” and diets too much, NDTV Food says that barley water can actually help aid in detoxification through the urinary tract.

The source claims this is made possible by a group of sugars called beta-glucans, which are present in the cell walls of barley. “It therefore helps in cleansing the internal system of the body,” it adds. Other sources note barley water can help your kidneys function optimally, which is the natural way your body “cleanses.”

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