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Bizarre Sleep Disorders That Won’t Rest

Sleeping is supposed to be a time where we can rest and recharge – but unfortunately, health disorders have found a way to disrupt our slumber too. However, while many people suffer from simple insomnia, there are many more interesting sleep troubles out there.

However, not all sleep disorders mean your sleep is disrupted – in fact, as you’ll soon learn, some of these disorders mean that sleep almost takes over your life. Here are 14 of the strangest sleep-related disorders that may keep you up at night…

1. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Teenagers are pretty notorious for being difficult to rouse from their sleep, but it turns out some of them may actually have a rare disorder. CBS News explains this disorder (medically known as Kleine-Levin syndrome) can cause a patient (usually an adolescent male) to sleep 20-hours a day.

When the patients are actually awake, they can have uncontrollable eating and sexual urges, adds the source. Even hallucinations and flu-like symptoms can accompany this condition, it adds. The problem may not clear up for a decade or more after onset, explains the source.

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