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Avoid These Common Triggers of Restless Leg Syndrome

When you feel like your legs want to do their own thing, especially when you’re minding your own business on the couch or even trying to fall asleep in bed, it’s probably restless leg syndrome (RLS).

This is actually a “neurological sleep and movement disorder” that causes uncomfortable sensations in the legs that make you want to move them around for relief, says EveryDayHealth.com. However, there are certain factors that may be causing the problem or making it worse, so let’s take a look at 12 possibilities…

1. Pregnancy

Among women, around 10-percent of the population is affected by RLS. However, that number skyrockets to 33-percent among pregnant women, accord to EveryDayHealth.com.

The most common time for symptoms to be at their worst is the third trimester, adds the source. The reason behind this boost is possibly linked to a lack of iron or folate, and increased estrogen levels may also play a role, it adds. Talk to your doctor about safely upping your iron and folate intake during your pregnancy.

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