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9 Tips to Make Stress-Free Living a Priority in 2017

Stress—sometimes external (and internal) factors are only as bad as we let them be. That being said, it’s not easy to shut off the old habits that let us become stressed out, which can ultimately affect our health and sense of well-being.

Whether your preference is to worry about money, relationships, health or family (or all of them), there are steps you can take to take edge off stress and see the silver lining. Why not this year? It’s as good as any to make changes. Here are nine tips to lead you to a calmer place for 2017…

1. Learn to Meditate

Have you heard the term “meditation over medication?” Well, no you haven’t, because we just made it up. This isn’t to say that prescriptions aren’t helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed, but learning how to balance your thoughts without drugs is a very practical skill to foster.

The Times of India says that “meditation is one of the best ways to lead a stress-free life,” and that it only takes 20-minutes to reach a higher sense of calm. It takes some practice though, so look for books or in-person sources of information on the subject that can help you hone your mindfulness abilities.


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