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10 Solid Facts About Restless Leg Syndrome

As crazy or far-fetched as it might sound, restless legs syndrome (or RLS) is a genuine medical condition. In fact, medical research estimates that roughly 10-percent of the American population suffers from the strange, creepy-crawly symptoms of RLS.

Here are ten firm facts about the rather twitchy condition known as RLS…

1. RLS is No Laughing Matter

When news of RLS hit the media in 2005, comedians like Ricky Gervais, Bill Maher, and the troupe on Mad TV poked fun at the condition and called the authenticity of the disorder into question. However, RLS has plagued patients for a very long time and the media coverage was meant to bring peace of mind to those suffering from the unpleasant and bizarre symptoms, and to let patients know that they were suffering from a real, treatable movement disorder.

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