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Activate These 6 Tips To Kick a Sedentary Lifestyle

The term “sedentary lifestyle” has been used a lot lately, probably because a lot of Americans have fallen into this category. The term basically means a lifestyle that has no activity, which can lead to cardiovascular issues, weight gain, obesity, and even depression. Sedentary lifestyle has also been called “sitting disease.”

However, for a lot of people, getting started is a tough one – they may be too comfortable in their own home, or have mobility issues limiting their ability to be active. However, getting exercise doesn’t always mean you have to be outside or in a gym. Here are six simple tips for leaving the sedentary lifestyle in the dust…

6. Use the Stairs

If your home or work has stairs that you avoid taking, then deciding to climb those stairs is a great step in overcoming inactiveness. VeryWell.com explains that studies have shown that stair climbing – which is actually categorized as “vigorous-intensity physical activity” – can burn more calories in a minute than jogging.

The same source points out that climbing the stairs expends up to 9-times more energy than sitting, and 7-times more energy than taking the elevator. And you don’t have to wait 5-minutes for the stairs to show up, like you do with elevators in some office buildings.

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