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Top 10 Ways to De-Stress

You’ve heard it before: too much stress isn’t good for your physical or mental health. But aside from trying to take some deep breaths at a red light here or there, most people don’t really know how to set a stress management plan in place. There’s no point in getting more anxious about finding ways to get less anxious, so here are ten easy and fun ways to get out of those worrisome, negative thoughts and into a positive mind space…


1. Learn Something New

When your body and mind are engaged in learning a new skill set, it takes a lot of focus. This can have a positive effect by disrupting old patterns of worrying and negative thoughts. Often there’s simply no space for negative self-take when you are absorbed in the new task.

So learn a new sport like squash, tennis, snowboarding, or karate. Take a water colors class, or a graphic design course. Try your hand at shop or car repair. If it interests you, follow the passion.

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