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6 Health Benefits of Volunteering

The holidays are supposed to be a time of giving…so what better time than to stop putting off your plans to volunteer for a local cause? Whether you’re helping in a soup kitchen or collecting toys for children, volunteering can be very fulfilling.

Not only will volunteering enrich your own life, it will help enrich the lives of others, which is a reward all its own. Let’s take a closer look at six reasons to look up local volunteering opportunities, and get involved…

1. Dopamine Rush

The brain recognizes helping others as a reward… and that’s why you get a flood of feel-good emotions when someone sincerely thanks you for your selfless efforts.

Dopamine is associated with rewards, and it’s the same chemical that floods you and makes you feel great after a good workout, according to CreateTheGood.org – which calls this “The Happiness Effect.” It claims, “The more you volunteer, the happier you become!”

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