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The Top Causes and Risk Factors of Lung Cancer

There are few diseases more frightening than lung cancer, which tends to strike individuals exposed to dangerous air pollutants and which can eventually lead to a situation where the patient struggles with every breath.

Often, we assume lung cancer has been caused by a lifetime of smoking — usually cigarettes, or possibly cigars or marijuana. But it’s very possible to acquire lung cancer without ever smoking a day in your life. It may not even have anything to do with exposure to dangerous pollutants, such as in a factory or resource extraction setting. To better understand lung cancer, let’s take a look at some of this scary disease’s most prevalent causes and risk factors.

1. Family History

One of the most prevalent risk factors for lung cancer, family history (or genetics), is totally out of an individual’s control. Research has shown that, should lung cancer take up a prominent role in shaping your family’s history, there’s a good chance you’ll experience the disease as well. It’s a sobering thought for anyone who has watched a family member experience the trials of this deadly disease.

If you know that people in your family circle have experienced lung cancer, it’s never too early to discuss regular check-ups with your doctor focused on identifying and preventing the disease from taking hold. As is the case with most forms of cancer, success rates are higher when the threat is detected and treated early. Also, don’t assume that a life of avoiding smoking of any and all sorts will prevent lung cancer from affecting you if you have an extensive family history associated with the disease.

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