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Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is also referred to as renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and according to Healthline, it’s one of the top 10 most common cancers in men and women. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest to detect, and most of the time kidney cancer doesn’t cause any symptoms until the tumor has grown and the cancer is well advanced. While it’s most commonly found in older adults over the age of 60, it can also be detected earlier.

Stay informed by reading about the most common signs and symptoms of kidney cancer…

1. Lump in Abdomen

A lump in the abdomen is most certainly cause for concern. A mass or lump that is caused by kidney cancer is typically found in either the abdomen, side, or back. Healthline explains that it will most likely feel hard, thickening or like a bulging bump under the skin and it occurs in about 45-percent of people with kidney cancer.

This symptom doesn’t often present itself until the later stages because kidney lumps are hard to feel when they are small. This is because the kidneys sit so far back in the abdomen. “You may not even see or feel the lump as the tumor grows,” says Healthline.

Once a lump is discovered, a doctor will run diagnostic tests like an ultrasound or CT scan to determine what the lump is and hopefully, the cause. Remember, not all lumps are cancer. “In most cases a biopsy will be needed to confirm the diagnosis,” explains the source.

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