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Most Bizarre Medical Conditions

When it comes to medical conditions, they can be downright bizarre. From limbs that take on their own personality, to people believing they’re actually dead, to hearing imaginary alarming noises, there are many somewhat unknown and rare conditions that some people actually are dealing with.

These conditions can be either tied to physical or mental disorders, or both, and while they may seem like they’re out of a sci-fi or horror movie, they’re very real to those afflicted by them. Here are 13 of the most bizarre conditions known to medical science…

1. Walking Corpse Syndrome

This condition is also called Cotard’s Syndrome, and it’s a neuropsychiatric disorder that makes the patient believe they are dead “or missing their soul, organs, blood, or certain body parts,” explains EveryDayHealth.com.

The source says that Cotard’s syndrome is a psychiatric condition tied to other mental illnesses such as depression, and that neuroimaging has also revealed changes in the brain in some cases. However, no cause of this condition has been found because it’s so rare, it adds, noting some patients “can also spontaneously experience a complete recovery.”

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