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7 Most Bizarre Brain Disorders

Your brain is your CPU, so when something goes wrong with it, it can cause a lot of functions to go haywire. Sometimes the side effects of a brain disorder can be predictable – such as having cognitive or physical impacts – but other times, the symptoms of a brain disorder are downright strange.

Everything you experience is filtered through your brain, and people may suffer from certain conditions that completely change how they perceive reality. Let’s take a look at seven bizarre brain conditions and how they affect people…

1. Cotard’s Syndrome

Imagine not believing or being aware that you’re alive – that’s what people with this syndrome (also know as walking corpse syndrome) experience. ScienceAlert.com said that people with this brain disorder may believe their organs no longer function, and that they are actually dead.

Another spinoff of this condition is that patients think they’re immortal, adds the source. The individual case cited by the source seems to have originally stemmed from depression – so it’s no surprise that it explains antidepressants and antipsychotic medications (and even electroconvulsive therapy) are often prescribed to those with Cotard’s.

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