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Hyperthyroidism: Signs and Symptoms of an Overactive Thyroid

Having a key part of your endocrine system work too hard can actually be hard on your health – we’re referring specifically to the thyroid gland, the butterfly-shaped gland that plays a big role in your body’s metabolism.

There are different reasons why your thyroid may be overproducing hormones, including Graves’ disease – which is an autoimmune disorder. Here are eight signs of an overactive thyroid, if you suspect it may be acting up…

1. Nervousness

NHS in the UK explains that one big sign of hyperthyroidism is having nervous energy (which may seem more pronounced if you’re not usually an anxious person). The source says that “nervousness, anxiety and irritability” can be signs your thyroid gland is working overtime. Tremors can also be a sign.

You may also be hyperactive, meaning you can’t sit still, which will likely be associated with the nervous energy, adds the source. If your body and mind is constantly racing and you don’t know why, perhaps ask your doctor to check your thyroid.

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