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8 Signs and Symptoms of Liver Failure

Your liver is one of the most important organs in your body. How so? Think of it as a filter that takes all of the less than ideal elements that make their way into your system — such as by drinking alcohol or consuming unhealthy foods — and removes them from the bloodstream. And that’s not all: the liver is also responsible for storing your energy and producing compounds the body uses to effective process your food.

As a result, it’s hugely important to maintain the health of the liver. Unfortunately, given the popularity of many unhealthy foods and beverages, the liver often takes a beating. Over time, this can lead to its degeneration and, eventually, liver failure. But how do you know if your liver is in trouble? What are the signs of liver failure?

1. Pain in the abdomen

One of the first signs of trouble with the liver is feelings of pain or general discomfort in the abdominal area of the body. If the problem is related to the liver specifically, you’ll feel soreness in the right upper part of your abdomen, which is where the larger end of your liver resides.

What does this soreness mean? It could indicate that your liver has become swollen through some kind of damage, either through over-consumption of alcohol, blunt-force trauma, or something else. If the swelling lasts only a short time and doesn’t prevent you from completing routine daily activities, like going to work or cooking dinner, then it may not be anything to worry about. However, if the soreness persists and does have a visible impact on your lifestyle, it’s time to talk with a doctor about the issue.

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