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Facts About Melatonin to Sleep On

Melatonin is a subject that could put you to sleep…literally. It is the body’s natural sleep hormone, but it is often bought as a supplement to help people with insomnia and jet lag get some shut-eye.

Using melatonin can be an effective way to get some quality rest, but like any supplement, there are facts you should be aware of before taking it. Here are 12 things about melatonin to sleep on…

1. Synthetic Supplements May be Safer

Many of the bottles on the shelf at the store contain melatonin, but it’s not a natural product. Melatonin is manufactured. While instinct would dictate that taking a natural product is safer than an artificial one, Scientific American has another take on it for this particular hormone.

The source explains that natural melatonin supplements are derived from the glands of animals, “which may contain viral material.” It says that synthetic melatonin has the same physical properties, without the risk of these tainted molecules.

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