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Common Causes of Night Sweats

Waking up flushed and covered in perspiration can occur after a particularly disturbing nightmare, sure, but several external can also result in excess sweating throughout the night. For instance, your bedroom may simply be too hot or your body may be trying to fight off an infection. However, chronic night sweats often indicate an underlying health condition (i.e., hypoglycemia or peri-menopause). Here are the eight most common causes of night sweating…

1. Overheating

If you like to sleep in sweats (or in fuzzy penguin jam-jams, like me) night sweating can occur during the night if your body overheats. This is typically and innocently due to a combination of too hot temperatures and too thick pajamas.

Sweating due to overheating will usually cause flushing and mild perspiration. Alternately, characteristic night sweating is often far more extreme, according to WebMD, causing numerous hot flashes of temperature during the night that have you waking up wet with perspiration that saturates your bedclothes, and the sheets and mattress as well.

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