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7 Natural Ways to Eradicate Ear Wax

Do you ever get that weird feeling like something’s about to leak out of your ear? Chances are you’ve developed a little extra cerumen, a natural substance popularly known as “ear wax”. Cerumen is produced by ear glands and is designed to lubricate and protect the ears against bacteria and other external agents. In essence, it’s good for you and produced by your body for good reason.

However, earwax buildup can be annoying, which is why so many of us use cotton swabs and Q-tips to root it out. The trouble with that practice is that strategy often forces ear wax deeper into the ear, causing dangerous blockages. Luckily, there are other ways to reduce ear wax…


1. Salt Water

Salt water is widely considered the best and most natural way to remove excess ear wax. A salt water spray has the basic components required to soften ear wax and cause it to run out the ear, reducing buildup and preventing annoying blockages.

To clear out ear wax using salt water, mix a teaspoon of salt in a half cup of warm water. Next, dab a cotton ball in the saline solution. Finally, squeeze the mixture into your ear while tilting the head. Hold the position for a couple minutes before turning your head back and allowing the solution to drain out.

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